welcome to e-tech

Etech company for electro mechanical  solution was established in 2006 specialized in it products supply and installation building automation system - application and database - low current system -  high current system TV broadcast and supply studio equipments - video conference system - internet supply fiber optical  - IT training - security system supply and installation - network design and implementation - IPTV and digital signage - Mechanical ( Firefighting - lift - ventilation - Domestic water )by a group of specialized engineers whom have accompanied the Iraqi information technology booming and still through continuous training developing studying and working. Signage by a group of specialized engineers whom have accompanied the Iraqi information technology booming and still through continuous training developing studying and working.


Benefitting from the scientific knowledge and engineering background and experiences, the company has steadily developed, to the position of being solutions and services provider, and consultant for electro michanecal engineering domain. As a turning point in the company‘s history toward professionalism in understanding both the customer‘s needs, and the available technologies,eTech is providing best solutions with suitable prices.


eTech helps unleash the power of technology through its knowledge in the markets it serves and through its highly knowledgeable technology support and service team. Besides our professional electro mechanical solutions, we @ eTech, serve consumer, retail, small-to-medium businesses, corporate, government and education customers.


Becoming a leading electro mechanical solutions providers in the Iraq market by presenting the best products, technologies, and services towards our customers.


Customer satisfaction. Realizing our vision and objectives through high quality integral services. Maintaining high level of expertise by continuous trainings and human rescores development.

Our Customer

  • Municipality of sulaimanyah
  • Falcon Company ( Jaff Towers)
  • Bayan Company /Halabja Group ( Gardn City)
  • Financial Office Of PUK
  • Salam Pallas president office of Baghdad
  • Bank Harem of Sulaimanyah
  • Bank Erbil Of Sulaimanya
  • Shamaran Oil Company
  • Pioneer Medicine Company
  • AlFayha Satellite TV
  • Gali Kurdistan satellite TV
  • NRT Satellite TV
  • Media office of PUK
  • North Oil Company KARKUK
  • Residency of sulaimanyah
  • Arraignment Office of PUK
  • Technical instudent of halabja
  • IOM organization
  • Maha General trade Company
  • Qaiwan City
  • Shnyar City
  • Carlo Gavazi Italian Company
  • Bayan Hotel
  • Chovian Hotel
  • Lavo Hotel
  • Kurd –Sky Company from Erbil
  • KNN Satellite TV
  • Marmuka company of Sulaimanyah
  • TARINnet for ISP
  • Halabja Group 
  • Garden city compounds
  • Jaff Towers compounds
  • Darwaza City compounds
  • Shari Daik compounds
  • Dania City compounds
  • Slemani Highest compounds
  • Qaiwan Highest compounds
  • Qaiwan City compounds
  • Qaiwan Tower
  • Beladi TV Station in Baghdad
  • Power Station Ahmad Esmaeel Erbil
  • Pain house resturant 
  • Iron Factory in Bazyan