Whether you depend on Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator™ or EXCEL 5000, Honeywell Building Automation Systems Service is your best assurance of optimum system performance, current applications programs and the latest system software - all from one, trusted source.
Flexible Program
Honeywell Building Automation Systems Service is a flexible program customized to your specific needs. Honeywell can assume full responsibility for application support and software upgrades, component replacement and repair, preventive maintenance and emergency service on your building automation systems. Our expertise and working knowledge includes both commercial and industrial sectors and all building applications, types and makes of systems.
Careful Analysis Ensures Accurate Service
Before recommending a service program, we’ll conduct an in-depth utilization review, providing a detailed list of services your system requires, from application programming and software upgrades to component replacement and staff support. Honeywell field technicians will remotely analyze and diagnose your system performance prior to on-site visits, for more effective service calls. They use hand-held computers to speed the dispatching and service delivery process, diagnose problems correctly and fix problems the first time. Honeywell will continue to regularly monitor your system performance with scheduled preventive maintenance service.
Honeywell Building Automation Systems Service Can Include:

  • Evaluation of current applications programs
  • Improvements in system applications
  • Software upgrades
  • Diagnostic and preventive maintenance on hardware components
  • Repairs and replacements for worn or failed components
  • Staff support and back-up programming and operation as needed
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Generating and coordinating regular service schedules

With Honeywell Building Automation Systems Service you can count on improved building efficiencies, comfort and productivity.
Control Systems We Provide
  • Direct Digital Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Building Automation
  • Energy Management
  • Laboratory/Fume Hood Control
  • Humidity Control
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Industrial Ventilation
  • Gas Detection & Monitoring
  • Energy Usage Monitoring
  • Variable Speed Pumping
  • Pneumatic Retrofit
  • Power Quality
  • Systems Integration
  • Access Control
  • Lighting Control & Retrofit
  • Variable Frequency Drives