About Zextus Application/Database Services: Zextus Services is highly experienced in developing custom software applications such as e-procurement, inventory, order entry, customer relationship, content, and email marketing management, as well as voice recognition applications. The Zextus mission is to help a company run faster and easier. Zextus prides itself on customer satisfaction, and our goal is to deliver personalized software automation, software integration, and web enabled applications.

Business Process Integration

Can your company’s software applications integrate with each other seamlessly? The software of most corporations does not because the applications work in isolation throughout each department. Although there are specific software applications, such as Greatplains or Peachtree for accounting and SalesLogix, Goldmine, or Outlook for sales, all departments must integrate their data at some point. Unfortunately, the integration must be completed manually, causing bottlenecks and delays.
Business integration is simply combining your company’s different software applications, so they can work together. A company can automate the applications to work as they would manually, thus reducing costs and the time required to process sales requests using fewer resources.

Business Process Automation

Does your company have automated business processes? Chances are your business does have an internal set of business processes and procedures. However, if they are still operated manually, your business’s growth is hindered.
Because Business Process Automation standardizes specific processes within an organization, users are limited to certain areas within data sets, reducing the possibility for error. Furthermore, by automating certain internal business processes, you can see the status of any operation in real time.

Web Enabling Existing Applications

Many companies work in a web of business relationships with customers, partners, and vendors and often need to share and access information. Web Enabling does just that, which is why it is a key driver for a company’s growth.
Web enabling provides multiple users access to critical information online in real time, allowing your employees, customers, partners, and vendors to make important decisions quickly. Furthermore, it requires less human interaction, which reduces costs.