Our latest venture is into last mile connectivity via xdsl. We were approached to provide a solution for a large residential complex in Iraq, in which the customer had access and permission to use the local telephone DP for installation of xdsl equipment. We are providing an ADSL based solution for this project which is scheduled for installation within July/early August 2005. Whilst we also provide wireless solutions, in this instance the area of the complex and the ability to use the existing telephone wiring to the DP lent itself to the possibility of installing an xdsl solution. We think that we are probably one of the first companies which will have such an installation in the whole of Iraq! eTech Company has 24 hours 7 days technical services when the customer required.

  • Providing internet Fiber Dedicated Full duplex
  • Providing internet Satellite V-Sat SCPC/SCPC
  • Providing Internet Satellite V-Sat SCPC/DVB
  • Provide wireless AP's, Bridges (point to point and point to multipoint), Client bridges and associated peripherals to set up home, WISP or Hotspot solutions.
  • Installing links on mentioned tower to transmit the service and repairing when there are any errors.
  • Installing Back Up link Free
  • Providing a backup Fiber for internet Service.
  • Providing a backup Satellite internet in case have problem in fiber
  • Transporting and installing links in another location when the customer required.
  • Installing wireless access point device inside building when the customer required free.
  • Providing Training Courses on how to use internet configuring switches routers and bandwidth programs.